Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's been a while, here's something from my sketchbook

I haven't posted in a while and for that I am truly sorry. It got really busy at work really fast and in the middle of that we (we being the members of my immediate family) had to vacate our humble home so they could drape a tent over it and gas the life out of our termite neighbors.

I did this drawing while eating breakfast with my daughter. I was trying to solve some work related story problems in my notebook and ran out of ideas, so I drew the kid instead. Even when I draw from life it tends to come off cartoony (nothing shameful there, I’m a cartoonist), but I was trying to catch the look she was giving me where she knows I'm drawing her, and she likes the attention, but she's also a little self conscious at the same time, because she’s seven and a girl and weird and stuff, and she has a mouthful of cinnamon puffins.

On a side note, my Mom found my blog by typing my name into Google, and she called me to give me crap for all the swearing. Sure, sometimes I write a little strong. It helps me communicate the thoughts in my head…besides, is it MY fault those thoughts are there? I mean, SHE raised me…so really; I am a victim when it comes to the guttural nature of my manner. Now, following that logic, if my kids grow up to be arsholes, than that IS my fault. I take full responsibility for their shortcomings. My seven year old seems ok, good happy kid and all, but I’m pretty sure the four year old is already an arshole. Yesterday she poured a whole bottle of kid mouthwash on her wooden rocking horse and then smeared it with baby powder. While Aimee was cleaning that up, she dumped a full jar of fish food into the tank and shaved the dog. Ok, she didn’t shave the dog, but she did everything else and that makes her an arshole, right. Sh@#! I’m swearing again. F*%# I said sh*#. F##! I said f%$. Sh$#f*&@cr*p this is getting gratuitous! MOM I’M SORRY! Christ…who else is reading this?

I am a nice person. Please like me.


Randeep Katari said...

Hey Kris,
This is a great post, love the drawing, it really captured the attitude. Hope all is well...and don't worry, I don't mind all the swearing.


Tobias Schwarz said...

well, I do think your swearing comes across very natural...
but I think (and hope)we only have a partial amount of influence over how our kids turn out. Otherwise I am in deep trouble.

Jed said...

haha fun post .. i can see myself going through the exact things with my two girls
i'm fairly sure Daisy is the one going to Juive first

Bobby Chiu said...

hahahaha.. I love reading your blog Kris! Add all the fucking shit you want. We support you!! hehehe...

walleye said...

Thanks all!

marcia said...

my #1 kid,
This was a great story. It was even greater with no ---- in it.
love mom

walleye said...

Ha ha!!! Love you ma!!

Your son's a shithead!



bossface said...

Pearnsy, how are you doing bossface it's Cory, just wanted to drop a line and say Hi the artwork is beautiful as always. Just wanted to let you know I too will be a Dad in roughly 3 to 5 days....or tonight who knows the kid has a mind of it's own you know. Let me know how you are doing and whats new in the life of Pearn. Cheers and all the best brother.

Cory Morrison

Anonymous said...

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