Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smore paintings and stuff

I'm heading back to the fatherland in a few days so I wanted to pinch off one last post before climbing on board a plane to Detroit.
I gave my four year old daughter the kiddie equivilant to blue balls this past Sunday. Allow me to explain. In preparation for this trip back up North of the border, I had to hit a shop in Downtown Disney to pick up a gift for my brand new neice (the Pearn breeding program is going quite well). So I had Emma with me as we parked at Disneyland...brought her into the shopping area... made our requisite purchase... and left her hanging. You see, Disneyland is RIGHT THERE!!! In previous years I had taken out a mortgage to invest the family in a year membership (blacked out on weekends, summer, Christmas and any other shitty day you might want to go), so this occurance of popping into the house of mouse for a little wham bam thank you mam play session is not uncommon in Emma's young four year old life. She was ratcheted. She was salivating for a zip ta do on the good ol mary go round, followed up with a touch of small world and maybe cap the whole thing off with a spin on the dandy choo choo train...but NO. T'was not to be so. Poor Emma, standing there at the threshold to the happiest place on earth, emotionally erect to the possibilies of whimzy and bliss, only to be dashed by the chubby white retard who drove her there standing over her yelling "we can't afford it! Daddy is poor and hasn't got the self esteem to go out and earn more money so you'll have to take those tiny dreams you've been chewing on and supress them until you're older so you can pass this disappointment on to your own children, and maybe then, in the glow of their sadness, feel somewhat better about your own pathetic life."

The kid has to learn, right?
Anyhooo...probably didn't make the whole thing any better by walking her into the entrance kiosk only to show her a glimpse behind the gate into the park, and then remark at the blissfully happy people inside and tell her that these people were better loved than the both of us. I even bought a churro and ate it in front of her. I'm a bastard, but its better she know now than carry this illusion of Daddy worship to an unhealthy age.

On a side note, I'm loving my Tablet PC and thanks to a suggestion from my friend Bobby, I've been taking it with me to coffee shops and doing a ton of drawing. I am rusty, but having a ton of fun.

Unlike Emma.



Jed said...

damn it man .. such good work
i'm insanely jealous but also a tinsy bit smug to actually know you in person .. i guess thats odd ..

Randeep Katari said...

Oh man, that was hilarious, I ALWAYS die of laughter while reading your posts.
Great work on all the stuff, my favourite are the paintings and the second last guy...so much 'tude.
Poor emma, you are an evil, evil man. hahah. Just kidding.
I sent you an e-mail, its a doozy. Hope you're having fun up here man!

Monkeyfeather said...

The dog illustrations are awesome Kris. REALLY nice. Dig your coffeeshop sketches as well.

Good Emma story. Way to keep those kids in line.

Edouard said...

Great work ! :)

warren said...

WOW! This all looks so great, Kris! Lemme know when I can buy a copy...

Randeep Katari said...

Is the 2nd last one Tony?

Anonymous said...

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