Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I didn't know I had it in me...this much pink.

A friend at work asked us all to do princess drawings for a little four year old girl named Sara with cancer. I've spent many hours in the pink aisle at Target with my two gals so I thought I would tap into that experience and out came this little ditty. For a fat ugly troglodyte walleyed white guy who still can't talk to girls, somehow I managed to make this thing. I dare say I don't want to think too hard about what this says about me as an artist/human being...If I didn't know the guy that painted it I'd say he was a mental case of the highest order. Whatever... it was fun. Why not toss it out there into cyberspace for the ten people who read this thing (I am thankful to all of you!)

I wish Sara and her family all the best.


Ps...I know there is really only six of us reading this (myself included...and Mom)...but if we hold our hands up and shake them around we look a lot bigger.


Monkeyfeather said...

I think there's a rule that when it's a good cause, this much pink IS allowed. If that wasn't the case though, I would hope that the actual story to this picture is that the dragon and the girl are in cahoots and they're leading the unicorn into a slaughter.

Nice work either way sir!

Randeep Katari said...

As much pink as there is in this thing, it's for a good cause and is a beautiful drawing (as always). Keep it up man, I love seeing your stuff. When is a good time to call you these days?

Tobias Schwarz said...

Yeah...I will be number 7 then.

Jed said...

you rule . i love the dragon especially
i once wrote ( made up on the spot ) a story of a terribly grumpy dragon that the girls still make me tell them once a week :) .. your dragon reminds me of him

walleye said...

Ha! Jed! you should write up that story and maybe we could put it together.... funny thing is that I've been doing this job for the entire life of my two girls and this is the only time they've ever gotten excited about anything I've ever drawn. Go figure.

John...I think you're right about the dragon. In my world the unicorn is sure to be toast. Yum.

Randeep...try me tomorrow. I gots the day off so I'll be home.

Thanks Tobs! Love the comic.

craig said...

well brother..that's a mighty fine pic. UNICORNS RULE!

Jed said...

Hey Kris . i did write it up its not very good , i should post it online somewhere ..
the kids have asked me lots of times where "The Grumpy Dragon" book is .. i feel shamed , but somehow never get around to drawing it for them

Bobby Chiu said...

Hahahaha... I love it Kris! Do you think I can get your email? I'm at (bobby at

Marmax said...

I think you've found you're calling. Great piece even if it is all pink. :)

Randeep Katari said...

dude, you just disproved your theory of 'only 6 people read this blog'. HA!
Ps. I'll try you on monday at work.

Maarten Rijs said...

Yup, and the number is even growing!
It's really pink man. But non of the less really great!

Maarten Rijs said...


the doodlers said...

It's a 'pink out'! The colour suites you too. Sometimes I really like pink. then there are other times...

Cheers Kris.

Greg said...

Hey Pearnsy-

You're still the best artist I've ever worked with.
You make Lambeth proud.

greg kyle

walleye said...

Good to hear from you man!

Greg said...

Portland is a great city to live in.
I was talking about our student film in my animation mentor Q&A last night. One of my student knew you from this blog and the Art of OS book. I had to check it out.
As always, great great stuff!!!
My students want me to get "When Pigs Fly" digitized so they could see it. Haha that would be a trip down memory lane.
How's Sony? Alex T. is up here. Not sure if you knew him there.

Jed said...

We nearly moved to Portland at the end of my last project , Henry Selick's place was looking for programmers :)
I was too scared to switch to movies / animation though so didn't ..

Cartoon Creators said...

Awesome work. I really like the character designs, very cute

walleye said...

Thanks Cartoon Creators, and Maartin! still have a copy of "Pigs Fly"?...I may have one back up in Lambeth, but I'm scared to look.
How many students do you have? Have you gotten them all drunk yet?
I don't think I know Alex...I think my friend John Klassen is working up there though

Jed...the animation business is scary...but then again so is the game business. I should be farming. Lunch next week (we could talk about dragon ideas).

walleye said...

Oh and Doodlers...Thanks...I do look good in pink...and purple and brown. I can't help it if I'm a pretty man.
Thank you too mother nature.

Jed said...

we should do lunch yes . i need McFood :)
hit me with an email for what day ..

Greg said...

Hey Jed-

Portland is really cool and Coraline (Henry's film) looks great. From what I've seen, I'm on the other feature.

Pearnsy - I do have "W.P.F." here on VHS. I'll make a copy and send it to you.

Jed said...

Hey Greg ,
it was Coraline that interested me since i LOVED the book ( i have a signed copy ) and Moongirl is so pretty Me and my Kids loved it

as a point of interest
Michel Gagne is working on a video game .. which is visually stunning
i thought it was an interesting crossover from your world to mine :)

Jed said...

Grumpy Dragon
once upon a time there was a magical kingdom

in that kingdom lived a very grumpy dragon

nobody knew why he was grumpy

everyone wanted him to be happy

so the king went to visit him , and said “I will give you lots of gold , if you would only cheer up”

the dragon wept and said “no thank you , that would be nice but that wouldn’t make me happy”

the next day , the queen went to visit him and said “i will give you fine silks and beautiful armour , if you would only cheer up”

the dragon sighed and said “no thankyou ,that would be nice but that wouldn’t make me happy”

the very next day , two tiny princesses went to see him and

they just took one look at him, smiled and giggled to each other knowing just what to do

They hugged him and kissed him gently on the nose

the dragon started to smile , and even felt a tiny bit less grumpy

so every day from that day forward , the princesses went to see him

and kissed him and hugged him

and do you know what ?

now the dragon isn’t grumpy any more , he’s the happiest dragon alive
i know , but they are both small so haven't yet discovered daddy is a hack

walleye said...

Very nice story Jed. Dad is not a hack at all...I feel sorry for the dragon when the two princesses grow up and one gets pregnant at fifteen and the other fights off a cocaine habit and ends up a stripper in Guelph Ontario, and the poor dragon is forced to look back upon his lack of judgement and give in to his despair for all eternity for he will completely understand humanity's blind capacity for stupidity and vice... Silly dragon.
(kidding Jed...beautiful story....We should draw it up).
Oh...check out this site: There are many shorts on YouTube as well. Incredibly charming, beautifully simple character driven story telling. The kids will love it.

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Really nice...loce the designs you have in here!!! Great work.

Bob said...


Bob Logan

THEMICO said...

Great work man :D

Char said...

Being a girl myself, I absolutely adored my co-workers expressions when I pasted this up as my wallpaper. Mind you I work for a game company that's doing a gory, hack 'n slash MMO ;) This much pink goes well with the My Little Ponies on my desk, the fairy pony and the Conan action figure sitting atop my Breyer's model horse.

And the story is a sweet one too :) I wish the little girl and her family the best, I'm sure this made her day.

walleye said...

Thanks so much Char...I glad this adds to your pink bastien of sanity in a world full of gore and violence. I have the opposite problem. Everything in my life is pretty and pink and covered with ponies...with the exception of the bloodied chainsaw I keep under the bed. So long as I threaten to use it again the kids tend to leave me alone.
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

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