Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's 2008 and I can't say I really feel all that different. I guess its another year further away from my childhood, which is a drag. I had a great Holiday break though. Mama Sony gave us all three days off so I got to spend a good week with my wife and kids...and you know what...clear of all the stress and work crap I think I actually still kind of LIKE my family! No shit...and I have this sinking suspicion that they may LIKE me aswell. Who knew. Makes me wonder why we bother getting all stressed out. I'd make a resolution to avoid all conflict and worry in 2008, but I think I would just get really worried about not getting worried and I'm sure I would blow the crud out of that resolution in the first week and find some way to blame my little girls for causing me to fret for the sake of a lousy test score, messy rooms, toilets clogged with Princess Lego, or the violation of my seventy pound manly dog with bubble gum sparkly lip stick...AND how can I not worry about my lovely wife and her constant need for attention and eye contact and conversation much pressure. And work....WORK....I mean it's not like I'm marching off into a cole mine or I have to get up at four in the morning to put my arm into a cow's vagina to deliver a breach calf (the life I wanted when I was a James Herriot....It always makes me miss the smell of Bovine)...But somehow...that worry still creeps in. I guess that's life. Maybe my resolution is to not to worry about worry and just let the worry happen when it wants to happen and try not to worry about it. That, and of course, to stop being fat. Learn to like Rush because they're Canadian, and for some reason that matters. Eat organic. Read Chaucer. And try not to die.

Done and done. Well here are some more color sketches I worked on over the break. Almost through my first color sweep of this darn book! Hopefully have it finished up by Summer (2018). Anybody got any advice on where to find a good font?


Randeep Katari said...

Happy New Year Kris!
I heard some rumblings about you teaching some class sometime on some online school that I know of...truth?

Also, as far as fonts go, back when they had a trial version for free, I used fontifier, it allows you to print out a template, write all the letters in your own (or anyone else's) handwriting and they'll convert it into a font. I think it's like, $9 or something. Check it out
Or, if you'd like, I can send you my handwriting font, and you can try that :P
Let me know, hope this year is the best for you and your family, man.

SteveLambe said...

These are fantastic, Chris! You can practically see it animate.

craig said...

Happy New year Buddy. The book is looking fantastic. Can't wait to see some font-y goodness as well.

Tapan Gandhi said...

your posts are the most entertaining things i've read in a long time.. and ur art is my new favourite thing to look at

KP said...

Hey Randeep!
It is true...I'm honored to have the opportunity to join the gang over there at Schoolism and try my hand at this online teaching stuff. I always loved the job, and the timing was perfect so I'm very excited to get into a storyboarding 101 class. Should be a lot of fun.
Thanks for the font info...I'll dig into that!

Steve! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. I wished these drawings would move... maybe after the book I'll give it a shot. I haven't animated in a while but I always loved the job.

Craig! Happy new year to you too ol pal. Is 2008 the year of the Berry? I think so.

Tapan, thank you so much for stopping by. Its fun to write this stuff...cathartic. A very public diary. Mostly whining of course, but that's what is in my head most of the time.


the doodlers said...

Hey Kris! Happy New year and stuff like that there.

I love the sense of elastic shape that you bring to these drawings.

and regarding:
"not to worry about worry and just let the worry happen when it wants to happen and try not to worry about it." Sorry, I can't go worrying about that.


You might check out the latest 'HOW' magazine for an article on some classic alternatives to good ol' Helvetica.

Randeep Katari said...

Great Kris, good to hear.
Now I'm going to have to take your class.

Jason Blower said...

Hey Kris are you coming out to the Story Workshop at the end of the month? If not drop me an email with your address and t-size, I have a tshirt I made up I want to send to you.

Awesome pages Man! I love the look of the main character.

Monkeyfeather said...

This book looks SO good. The designs, shapes, and posing of the characters is FANTASTIC!!!!

1001 Free Fonts has a crap load of fonts... might have one or two good ones in there. Fontifier is good for making a quick version of your own font but, I find their fonts at bigger sizes tend to fall apart. Probably fine for what you need it for though.

I would also recommend not worrying about worrying about worry.

Tobias Schwarz said...

No idea about the fonts, but I am sure you will find one. Do let us know, when you publish it, because I am curious about the story now, after seeing all the great paintings. And do publish it before you have grandkids!!!
Oh, and Happy New Year Chris!

Ellie Ventura said...

Very inspirational work!!! Please let us know when the book is complete!
Thanks for sharing your work!

Jkluska said...

Great stuff Kris, 2018 is going to be sweet!

Also, Jon Klassen is the king of fonts (Vera is no slouch either)...they might be of some help.

Joseph said...


love this art work by the way

Jed said...

yep i recomend Indie Star from , do it now pernsy .. :)
alright McFood soon ? this week or next ,

walleye said...

Hey Jed!
McFood sounds good. Been really crazy at work (hence the lack of attention with my bastard child of a blog). Heard you guys were getting bought out on NPR. True?
Thanks all for the font info...I'll be checking all of these out!

Amy Kingman said...

Your drawings are hilarious! They're so expressive!

Anonymous said...

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