Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The New Kid

I was hanging out with my kids on Sunday playing some drawing games (we do this when they aren't training to become lethal killing machines poised to resist as warrior soldiers on the front lines of a rebellion for freedom from the massive corporations that will someday seize control of our Western Democracy! F-You Jiffy Lube!), and another dragon scibble pooped out. I slapped it with some regular old kid paint (the kind you buy at the Dollar Store. F-You Dollar Store!). A moment in time, never to repeat. La dee da!

Hope all is well out there in the big wide world.


the doodlers said...

Had a kid in my class like that once... she was one of those really big 'tall girls' who could barely fit in the desk. She was probably really nice but we all gave her the cold shoulder 'cause she was different. Little humans are the cruelest.

Love the illustration. Kids paint works.

Randeep Katari said...

Dude. This is wicked.
Hope all's well. Have you seen Juno? If not, let me know (or go see it).


walleye said...

Doodlers: I believe it is very important to shun all those who are different. Only by shunning will we be able to build a strong human race to face off against the aliens hiding in the antarctic just waiting for their icy tombs to thaw so that they may once again conquer the race of man. Will the ancient Egyptians return to save us again? I think not. It will be the huddled masses of beaten nerds and weirdos that have honed their finely crafted survival skills to weather this mighty storm. I only hope there is a closeted geek out there with the ability to read the sacred runes...otherwise we're all screwed.

Randeep: I did see Juno. Twice actually... I liked it better the second time through. Saw most of the oscar films up this year (and worked on one too... Who keeps nominating these dumb penguin flicks?...sheesh). I still think No Country takes the cake for me in terms of a smart movie that I can't stop brooding about (I watched it thrice and can honestly say that I don't really understand it...like life and marriage). I also loved There Will Be Blood and American Gangster. Although, I'd have to say that Persepolis was probably the most satisfying surprise for me this season. I hadn't read the comic and didn't know much about the film, so it washed over me with no expectations and I absolutely loved it. I really miss 2-D animation. Someday it will rise again I hope. So rich.

Randeep Katari said...

YES! CRAP! I forgot you worked on that! Congrats on the nom to all you guys out there man! Hard work does not go unrewarded.
I agree with Juno, I've seen it about 4 times now, not all by conventional means, but the second time was much better due to the world being set up for you. No Country was quite good, but I understand that whole "don't understand it" thing...if that makes sense. I have not seen Persepolis, but will definitely check it out perhaps this weekend. Work keeps one swamped like all hell. We'll bring 2d back Kris...right? RIGHT? I'm animating on paper again after a year of animating on the computer and man, I can honestly, honestly say, it's so, so refreshing. It feels fantastic. Flipping those pages, just great.
Also, ahem, I don't want to directly post the link here, but look up "Shia Lebeouf" on Youtube and look for the video called "Shia Lebeouf Nonono" - it's great. You'll appreciate it.
Hope all is well, and will talk to you soon. May have moving drawings to show you soon.

craig said...

Glorious F-You's buddy!

Tobias Schwarz said...

Great one. Though I always felt quite the opposite when I was the new kid in class.

where can i look online to buy dollar store merchandise said...

in 100% agreement with Craig. Also great painting i thing its brilliant! Kris, you are tallented!
Great post!


Anonymous said...

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reheheh said...