Wednesday, December 24, 2008

young 'n old

Had some extra doodles in my sketchbook... I believe the old ladies were all clustered in terminal two at LAX while I was waiting for a red eye, clucking and pecking like a group of roosting hens. I love drawing old people... I wish more animated stories were told about old people... looking forward to UP.
Drew the girls at the park while my loverly wife was getting diagnosed with pneumonia. She nearly hacked up a lung before finally dragging her bones to the doc, but all ends well... she kicked it with some antibiotics and such... and I got this picture. I know I post a lot of drawings of my kids, but they do provide me with 90% of my muse. Just like old people, I think kids are really funny (I love watching them need to play...adults need to play...we all need to play). Opposite sides of the same coin.
Anyhow, its two days till Christmas and this egg nog won't drink itself.
Bang bang bang went Frankie's gun... he shot me down Lucille.
Best wishes,


Randeep Katari said...

Merry Christmas man. Sorry I haven't contacted you - hope your holiday is fantastic, and we'll talk soon!


KP said...

Merry Christmas back atcha Randeep! How's things up in the frozen North? Hope you're having a great break.
best wishes,

warren said...

Hey Kris,

Been meaning to ask you - what tablet did you settle on? Any buyer's regret? I gotta get out of the house and take work with me...I'm getting all Jack Torrence up in winter wunderlund.

PS - Hope the trip(s) work out smooth & good seeing youse in Hogtowne.

the doodlers said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Gerusi!

All the best in 2009. The drawerings of your kids and those old gals are poetic.

KP said...

Hey Warren and Arna!
Great to hear from y'all!

Warren... I've got a tablet PC made by Fujitsu... I like it although it is a windows machine and as such, at times, a little buggy. But for mobility it really can't be beat. Buy the lithium battery that plugs into the DVD port if you get this one... It'll give you a good 5 or 6 hours of juice which is great for flights and long bouts at the coffee shop. For fidelity and resolution though, you should look into the small cintique (they run at around $999). If you're all set up on a mac, this is a good option (you can just run it off of your laptop and you won't need to buy new versions of PS etc), especially if the kind of mobility you are looking for is to move from room to room in your house. The main draw back is the plug system... it doesn't power off the computer so you must plug into a grounded receptacle. This isn't a problem if you're at home, but may be tricky in airports and libraries. I played with one in Bristol and it is a great contraption.
Hope this helps!

Happy 2009.

warren said...

Fujistu hey? Okay I'll look it up, thanks for the reply. Does the resolution and fidelity kind of let you down?

I already have a 21UX Cintiq on an iMac, but I'm going squirrely being strapped to it for long hours, days on end, with no co-workers around. Gotta get out of the room, man! Hang on, gotta get the neighbour's dog back into a camel clutch. Little bastard's feisty. You'd think a figure-four'd be easy with all his legs and all, but it isn't...

the doodlers said...

OKay so I have nothing new to add hear. Warren. Get Outside.

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'suphombl' -isn't that some kind of pie?

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