Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doodle pooh

I had to doodle at work today to test out a new digital pipeline. Scribbled out this pile of crud, but since I haven't posted in a very long time I figured it was better than nothing.

Can you help me with a conundrum?

I have a six pound cat that kicks the shit out of my eighty pound German Shepherd, and an eighty pound German Shepherd who often beats the tar out of a two hundred pound walleyed white guy who likes to torment her by blowing into her body holes (mostly the ears and nostrils, but it all depends on the mood and how much beer is in the fridge). So, my philosophical question...If you get beaten by a smaller animal who gets beaten by an even smaller animal, do you still have to fight the smallest animal or is it honorable to just say they both kicked your ass?

If I was a Roman Athiest, my worst fear would be a public mauling in the arena by house cats. Far slower and more humiliating than a Lion any day. They have raspy little tongues. Horrible. I feel sorry for any of you out there who put any trust in the loyalty of a cat. Fools. Might as well elect an Alien to be King of Earth. That's just what this planet needs, a new King. Perhaps a Peter Jackson?