Monday, May 26, 2008

wii wheel

I was boarding at the kitchen table on Sunday while my two girls were playing Mario Cart on the Wii, completely naked and fancy free. It was one of those moments in parenthood where you witness your offspring in deep deep play. Remember those kid days full of mental wanderings? Time would fly and space would disappear as you lost yourself in the activity of having fun. In the nude.
Tossed off this quick sketch to capture the moment.

This new fandangled wii is the best kid toy since the gun shaped stick.

I hope those two kids of mine enjoyed it...because come Tuesday morning they're marching their little kid feet to the battery factory where their juvenile fingers are the perfect size to pack radioactive goo into the glossy off brand casings. That's the only way their Daddy can maintain his diesel sniffing habit.

In the nude.

Nitsirk the Warrior Duke.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I've been a lazy blogger so here's some rough story doodles.

On a side note...been busy at work, raising two kids, and playing old man softball once a week. Can't say all those years between pee wee hardball and the beer league have added anything to my game. I have always, and will probably always, suck at sports. I can't even explain it. My brothers are both athletic. My ol' pa used to coach baseball and he was known to run the bases for the Delaware Diamonds...but genetically I just didn't develop any competitive talent.
Hear ye though, non believers and nay sayers...those flashes from the past that haunt me at night with looks of disappointment and waneful disgust in regards to dropped balls through thirty two years of inefficient sport play...I shan't withdraw and will continue forward to harrow my life's field with humble athletic furrows of infertile dreams. I will not back down. I will not quit. I will not surrender. I will continue to drop balls and allow my frustration to grow inside me like soul cancer, organic and free of pride.
By the way, my wife is quite seriously obsessed with her Karate and while it seems like a foregone cliche that when somebody says to you, "ok, come at me like this" and you do and they hurt you, it would be smarter to stop coming at people like this when they ask you to. There are no peanuts at the ends of those tunnels. Nobody wins. My children don't benefit when I sob with pain. That is not the picture of manhood that I imagined passing on to them when my wife demanded use of my reproductive plumbing and made me wear cold underpants and drink too many smoothies from Jamba Juice. Effing Jamba Juice with their "manly" does NOTHING (note lack of hair on flabby chest).
Whining about sports...this should add something to my robust humility. I'm just glad I work in a job full of validation and kindly support. Animation.

All kidding aside...softball is fun...I really like the people....and I always appreciate it when Aimee breaks one of my fingers...after ten years of marriage I'll take any kind of affection....Sports! Sports! Sports! Yayyyyyyy SPORTS!

****UPDATE***: Just finished this weeks game and my team, "When Pigs Fly" took a heartbreaking loss of 35 to 6 (I lost count so I made up their number). Only dropped a couple of balls. Went for a double and a single. Hooorah! Two more games left. GO PIGS!