Wednesday, December 24, 2008

young 'n old

Had some extra doodles in my sketchbook... I believe the old ladies were all clustered in terminal two at LAX while I was waiting for a red eye, clucking and pecking like a group of roosting hens. I love drawing old people... I wish more animated stories were told about old people... looking forward to UP.
Drew the girls at the park while my loverly wife was getting diagnosed with pneumonia. She nearly hacked up a lung before finally dragging her bones to the doc, but all ends well... she kicked it with some antibiotics and such... and I got this picture. I know I post a lot of drawings of my kids, but they do provide me with 90% of my muse. Just like old people, I think kids are really funny (I love watching them need to play...adults need to play...we all need to play). Opposite sides of the same coin.
Anyhow, its two days till Christmas and this egg nog won't drink itself.
Bang bang bang went Frankie's gun... he shot me down Lucille.
Best wishes,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Painted this one on a ten hour plane ride back to LA from the UK. Its a long trip, but with all the movies and booze, it's not that different than sitting at home on my couch for a whole day (otherwise known in my circles as "Sunday"). The main difference between my couch and the plane, is the fact that on the plane I have to wear pants.

Between you, me and this blog, I cannot wait to reach the age that I can take my pants off anywhere I choose, for the blatant cause of comfort (completely non-sexual)... I suppose if this time of my life comes too early, it would probably cramp into my daughters' transparent dating situations. I can't imagine them wanting to bring home their boyfriends to meet the folks and endure the awkward silences with their walleyed, scarcely crotch covered hairy old man rocking in the middle of the living room with a bag of dried bananas, a bottle of pure Manitoba rum and a gummy cat blindly sucking a hacky sack full of catnip. Don't get me wrong... when it comes to my little gals, at an appropriate age, I don't really have a fundamental problem with the idea of boyfriends... I just don't want it to be too easy on the little bastards, and doubt that I have the stomach for direct confrontation. I suppose only true love will put up with the sight of your girlfriend's pappy using his naval as a beer cozy while watching reruns of WWF on ESPN classics (whatever happened to Koko B. Ware?).

Oh, that reminds me... Suplex time... best get to work shaving my head and putting shine oil on my mighty guns. Tonight, that wife of mine is finally going to taste some turnbuckle. OHHHHHH YEAAAHHHHHHHH!