Thursday, September 03, 2009

pub doodle

I slapped these two down over a couple of pints with my dog sitting at the beer garden of our local pub, The Mouse, in the waning days of a soggy British summer. For some folk, a warm beach is the salve for all of life's slings and arrows, but give me a cozy pub where the bitter pumps comfort into heavy pint glasses any day of the week. Cheers all.


jesse winchester said...

These are great dude! Really really nice sketches below this one too.

PS-its been a taught me Character Design at Sheridan. I was roomates with Bob Chiu. You were (an are) a real inspiration.


MikeS said...

great atmosphere in these Kris! Hope you're well.

kp said...

Hey Jesse and Mike! Great to hear from both of you!

Jesse... are you living back out west in Vancouver? It has been a while.
Hope you're well.

craig said...

Cheers to that Brother!

Matt J said...

Sweet! You're the only one who can make Bristol feel warm & cosy!

Shawn Seles said...

Mr. P, as always your stuff rocks.

33 said...


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