Sunday, November 08, 2009

An Ani in Paris.

Going through old sketchbook drawings and found this one. My daughter sitting on the river Seine quoting Ratatouille.
I always wish I knew more French when I go to a French speaking place. When I leave, and come back to the land of the English, the desire to know French goes away. Strange. Perhaps I am lazier than I think I may be. Time for a nap.


Randeep Katari said...

Nice. Living the dream!


Mike said...

I love your sketching style! Any chance you have more from your sketchbook that you'd be willing to post?

warren said...

Get back to work, ya bum.

Ahmed GUERROUACHE said...

Kriss ! great work on meartballs ! to me, it s the best animates movie this year ! I ve spent a really good moment watching it ! hey, learn me how to board, I will teach you french language ! Ce n 'est pas très difficile, tu verras !

Peter Song said...

your stuff is so nice!

Matt J said...

Learn ME how to board and I'll teach you how French language!

Gorgeous drawing buddy

33 said...


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