Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So...its been a while. Sorry. Nothing much to post really. Been scattered relocating and working, meeting new people and drinking beer in glorious British pubs. The world seems to be spiraling into a big old pile of sh#t and most of the news is bad... so I really don't know what I can add to all of that.

All I can say is that I'm glad nobody is trying to cut my head off in Buffalo. That's about as bad as any day can get. And if someone was to cut my head off, I would hope it wasn't in Buffalo... Hamilton, ok... preferably Dundas, but I'll settle for Burlington or Stratford. There are times in Detroit when I felt like somebody had taken a whack at my squizzy nether region while sitting at the border waiting to make a pilgrimage to the nearest Bob's Bigboy.... But if I had to go, I'd really like to get chopped to bits in Maui. Even a brutal death can't be that bad in Maui.

I'm joking, but in all seriousness... all we can all hope for is a life that means something to others. Personally, all I really need is the purpose of giving back to the world an ounce of what the world has given me. So as my soul leaves the tattered veil of a self indulgent life, I only ask for one thing... that my body be given back from whence it came... namely, the soil that knows no till... the living byproduct of consumption... I want to be fed to a pack of medium sized dogs... and when those dogs finally pass my constitutional self, to have a member of my family standing by to sing "The Circle of Life" while patiently waiting for the squatting animal to finish the business life started some thirty three years ago. Only to be scooped by a blue baggie (has to be blue), taken down to the ocean, and tossed with great velocity on the broad side of the nearest life guard hut (while still singing the song). What more could a life want than to go with such a fitting tribute.
Cheers all,