Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So... it's been a while... sorry.

Been out traveling a bit. Not to bore you, but here are some doodles from my sketchbook.
This first one was at a bar in Salt Lake City. I have never been to a cleaner town in all my life. There's something to be said for that old timey religion... seems to clean up the human fabric... (well... didn't clean me up at all... I'm still a filthy mess of a human being struggling along trying to draw cartoons for a living).

Speaking of filthy messes... had a great time in San Francisco. It is a little known fact around the planet that San Fran is home to a multitude of crazy people... as you'd expect in any big city, sure, but with San Francisco there is NO space thanks to geography so all the human element is smushed together in one big hilly pile. I kinda loved it.
One day, while out strolling, a kindred dirty hairy dude came wobbling up to me and made me a challenge... "I bet I can guess where you got your shoes... city, state and country!"
What luck, to have such an experience to witness greatness in such a lovely city. No burning bush, no water to wine, no plague of locusts, but non the less, an amazing miracle... a man who knows shit about folks shoes. Unfortunately, I imagine this god given talent isn't overly lucrative, hence the man's worn trench coat and slight odor of peanut butter on a ham but surely this hidden gem in the urban jungle of San Fran was worth a quick three dollar bet, so I stuck out my foot and shook the prophet's hand.
"You gots your shoes on your FEET, in the city of San Francisco, in the state of California, in the greatest country on the Earth, the United States of America... huzzah!" was his reply.

Ok... I added the Huzzah, but he was an all around entertainer so I happily paid up my three bucks and got this drawing to boot. Not a bad trade off.

Back in LA for a couple of days... I then had to catch a quick domestic flight back home to Ontario. Waiting at LAX terminal 3 to board my Northwest flight to Lansing Michigan (by way of Detroit... rock city)... I was struck at the contrast between LA and its image of healthful beauty, and the burly Mid West. Now, I'm not passing judgement here on the clinically obese middle (and what a middle) of North America... a part of the world where I happen to hail... and I look the part believe me... but I cannot tell you how shocking it is to see how BIG the mob was waiting to catch that flight. Not just a few of them, but EVERYBODY! I would not want to be downhill of a rolling army of folks from the rust belt, lemme tell you... between gravity and the sides of beef they carry around for shoulders, I couldn't imagine any Roman Legion standing up to a division from Gary Indiana or Toledo Ohio. Make them run uphill, and you may have a different outcome, but with gravity on their side, it would be an unstoppable force of nature. Anyhow, I like drawing chubby folk (my mirror breeds familiarity with the shapes) so I did some sketching while waiting for the plane.

This last one is another airport sketch waiting to catch my plane out of Lansing to go back to LAX with the pressure of a snow front moving in from the west. Winter travel in the North is always sketchy, but luckily the plane made it to DTW and then off to LAX without any hiccups.
I got back home to England, and a week later it snowed here. I do love winter... good for the blood!

Happy Christmas all.