Friday, April 30, 2010

First LA life drawing

Went to a life drawing session. A little choppy (I'm rusty... but then again, I'm almost always rusty these days). Got a couple of doodles I kinda liked though. It was fun.
I always marvel at how drawing always makes me feel better about life and crap... no matter what is going on. I get lazy... I get tired... but if I can just cross the threshold and sit down and do it, eventually, the sap rises and it feels good (regardless of the final results).
Anyhow... thought I'd toss em up!


Tobias Schwarz said...

nice drawings. welcome back to la and sorry to have missed you on your trip to europe.
...thats the magic of the process of drawing, isnt it. its the same for me. no matter of the result, the actual drawing makes me feel better. weird how that works.

Gemma Duffill said...

I find the exact same thing - especially with life drawing. It's very therapeutic.
If I wasn't saving for a trip to Canada I'd be doing this every week.

nice work

Kendra Melton said...

These are nice. Especially like the one at the top left of the last image. There are some wonderful shapes!
I totally know what you mean on the rusty part. I swear, if I don't go for a month I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel trying to get my lines to do what I want. At least until I get warmed up and then the session is almost over haha. Figure drawing is always my "me" time, it's very liberating that way. No matter what mood you enter the session you almost always leave uplifted.

Brandon said...

Love your work. Glad I found your blog. I absolutely love your boards. I'm trying to infuse that kind of life into my own. Thanks for sharing:)

Matt J said...

Good to see you disciplined about life drawing & keeping that sap level up!

kp said...

Thanks all!
Toby! great to hear from you... No worries on the Europe thing... we'll be back... or you'll be in LA I'm sure... its a small business...

Gemma- A trip to Canada is always money well spent! I need to get home one of these days myself.

Kendra- Lots of sketch clubbing going on out here in Culver City if you're ever interested (I work here and its hard to join in though... stoopid work gets in the way)

Brandon- Thanks for popping by!

Matt J- Not as disciplined as you old chum! Trying to make up for missing so much during our last crunch in Bristol. Miss you sir! Hope you're well.

Eric Scales said...

Beautiful! Love how solid but loose these are.

Jess said...

Goodness, these are delicious KP. Your style seems to be on a different bend than your last life drawing sessions? Very inspiring, you dang falafel.

Ashley Boddy said...

The really quick one out of the the three warm up's is gorgeous...I was going to say, "I like the bottom of the bottom one one", but then I read it back and it just sounded....horny?

KP said...

Hey thanks all!
Bristolians! Bless thee! Nothing wrong with liking bottom Ash... I'm a fan meself!


Ems said...

live drawing rocks!!! - or I think so anyways
Great drawings, aspecially the top one
Bristol says hi :) x

Betsy Bauer said...

These are great! I'll be a Story intern at Sony starting in a couple of weeks. I guess I will probably see you there!