Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Anthology 451

So, I did a comic a while back with some really good friends and it's finally published! We got the boxes right before the APE show up in San Francisco, where we had a great time selling the goods and meeting lots of creative, ambitious artsy folk. My buddy, the amazingly talented Albertan, John Hoffman, put it all together and kept us organized like a herd of meth addled cats. We have a release party scheduled for Dec 4th up at Nucleus Gallery, http://www.gallerynucleus.com/event/290.
Below are some sketches from APE. I love drawing the comic crowd.


JP said...

chilling and very cool- Margaret Atwood could have written this :)

•O•A•T•S•T•A•O• said...

What gives with the
Spirited Away rip off of character

oh everyone forgets,
and in turn, they just don't know.

KP said...

Hey, Thanks JP. Handmaid's Tale is one of my favorite books.

OATSTAO... Errr... OK. I love spirited away but the context is completely different, and certainly not meant to be ripped off. Shapes is shapes. Look through the rest of my stuff and I dare you won't find a hint of Miyazaki. I draw like I draw... don't really care if you like it or not.
Don't mind the critique, but would love to see your work... (just so I can learn what your idea of originality looks like).
Comic is called happy... the shapes derive from that. (and no... oh... I didn't invent that design... That one... I did "rip off")


•O•A•T•S•T•A•O• said...

you forgot. os eb ti

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Wow! That comic looks awesome! And I love those sketches.

Ems said...

Awesuuum!! where will we be able to buy this comic?

Kendra Melton said...

Man am I behind. So many great posts. I love your conservation of line. Everything is so clear. Gah, so much awesome! lovely work as always