Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Knock Knock

Gonna be having a chat with my friend Bobby tonight about story and stuff... Part of it is a fun concept of taking a simple premise and then asking others to generate drawings around the idea, and for our conversation I though the whole idea of "Knock Knock... Who's There?" would be interesting and fun. Mostly because I firmly believe the joke is one of the purest forms of storytelling. Anyhow, these are my contributions to the discussion!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sketching in York

One of the disadvantages of traveling with a dog is that you can't go into all the sites and attractions that fill up the day (especially with kids). On the upside though, while waiting for my Chilluns to get through a museum on Vikings, I had to kill some time on a cold, clear day in York while hanging out with the pooch... and I filled that time with my sketchbook.

I have to say that I was really never one for keeping careful sketchbooks until I moved over here to the UK and made friends with Matt Jones who does this with amazing skill and talent. Someday, I'm sure his books will sit in a museum somewhere. And its not just Matt, there is a great culture for the sketchbook over here (at least in the circles I've been lucky enough to lump into) that seems more formalized and expected than it was in Los Angeles... or more likely perhaps, it was always there in LA and I wasn't participating. Whatever the reason, I am enlightened. I'm still not very honorable in my sketchbook maintenance, but I do think the drawings are improving. It is like building cardio at the gym... it takes time and practice to get used to drawing space from life. Very different than nudes in a classroom. I also have to thank my Head of Story, Mr. Donnie Long, for the Christmas gift of a water brush pen. I have to admit when I first put it down on the paper I panicked as I did not expect the ink to run so vigorously, but in the end, I really do love effect and the fact that it speeds up my drawings. As my old man probably said, "the right tools for the right jobs makes all the difference" (I don't think he ever really said that... my dad didn't say too much when we were kids... kinda grunted and pointed at tools and then growled when we moved to slow too get them... but he was always a proponent of careful tool maintenance). Thanks Donnie! God love the new art supply... the gift that keeps on giving!

Anyhow... things are supposed to get busy at work and we're moving back to the states in a couple of months, so I hear a fan and I can smell shit. Wonder what happens next?

Friday, January 08, 2010

A Snowy Day in Great Britain

A stupid idea to celebrate apocalyptic snow upon Queen and Country.