Thursday, March 25, 2010


Been cleaning out my desk for the move back to the states and I found this drawing in a book I took to Rome. Aimee and Emma enjoying a soggy afternoon with a coffee and a cake.
Off to America!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sketch dump

US embassy London, UK

Lacock Abby

Rattlebone Inn... Best Sunday Roast we've found.

Bike cops outside of a London pub.

Imperial War Museum... Awesome place!


Carphilly Castle in Southern Wales

Sitting for tea in the Cotswolds

This is an old one from Bratislava...

Some life drawing....

Wife and kids! Bristol zoo I do believe.

Been a while... too busy to blog but I have been sketching. Movie is going along great and I'm close to finishing off my book... All in all I can't complain.
It's spring in England and we're getting ready to leave. I'm going to miss it over here... trees, cows, pubs that let you bring in your dog, the beer in those pubs... the lifestyle out here in the West Country is pretty sweet. We got along fine, me and Bristol. I'll miss her.

Sooooo.... nothing really to say here but this is a month worth of sketch vomit. Try not to walk through it or you'll have to clean your shoes.
Cheerio... pip pip...