Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Beat Boards.

I never really get to post boards... mainly for two reasons... One is that they're usually tossed off and never really finished, and two... they are almost always owned by somebody else (studio anybody?).
These scribbles are from a project I was playing with a while back. They are what they are... but there's something I really like about quick sketch drawings (which is good, because if I could draw like a REAL artist, I would never be able to finish my sequences... the eye for scribbles keeps shoes on my kid's feet and beer in my belly).
Anyhow... these aren't linear or anything... I wouldn't bore you with the story.
Just thought I'd stick up some boards in this bloggity puddle of sketch drawings.

On a side note, I ate two pints of blackberries yesterday. I was as incontinent as a water slide in July (my stomach isn't used to that much fruit). I wonder if Bear's have the same problems this time of year? Yummm... berries.
Thank you TJs.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Teaching my kid photoshop

On a plane to Alberta a couple of weeks back, I was sitting beside my 6 year old and we killed a good hour and a half playing with photoshop... I scribbled the drawing but Emma did the painting (I even taught her how to find the lens flare). I never thought when I was a 12 year old mullet wearing, walleyed hick drawing severed heads in my math book that some day I would have piles of doodles of unicorns. What can I say... little girls like unicorns and I like... well... that sounds weird. I like my kids. Lets leave it at that.

Another Sketch Dump

Been neglecting one of my sketchbooks. Here's some of the last few from my walking moleskin (it's the pocket sized one... of course, not all pockets are created equal).
Leaking oil sucks and we should all ride bikes... Sarah Palin still has an audience...
Been earthquaky in LA... Dunno... Does this place all feel weird or is it just me?

At least the California sun is still a shining.