Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just finished a comic for an anthology with my Aardman comrades! I'll post again when its all printed and ready for sale.

I got home tonight from a Hockey game I attended with my 7 year old daughter. She loves hockey (even when the Kings lose... boooo... Damn you Chicago and your awesome team colors). I never knew making and raising girls would be so easy. I mean, its like they came out of thin air and voila... little human females! Of course, by thin air, I mean my wife... (whose "air" was a little thinner before those kids, heh heh... but don't tell her I said that or I'll be in a big ol pile of domesticated pooh).

Crap you're gonna tell her.

(oh... and I'm not judging by the way... if anyone got fat... it was yours truly... big old lump of hairy cheese meat I am... I feel worse for my wife for having to drive in the car of life with that reality... she could do better).


(If only there was a way to take back words on a blog... distract...)


Back to the kids... so they weren't there, and then they were. And we carried on. Me and Aimee still kicking along. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we fight. House is still messy. Work is still too busy. Cleveland Indians still suck. Somehow, the kids kinda figure shit out. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised... I did it when I was a kid. Kids have been doing it for centuries. Thank god the girls like Hockey (I can live with pink laundry, but Soccer? Blah!)

I am looking forward to the colossal f$%k ups that they may or may not become in four or five years and dealing with the bad choices all teenagers impose on their parents. That's the biggest reason I'm keeping my crappy beat up Subaru. Figure they can't do much damage to something so old...Keeping the wife for the same reason... heh heh...


(I'm kidding, OK... Jeez... She old, but not that old... older than me of
course... but I'm gonna die a lot sooner because of the drugs...)


I hope nobody reads this.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Anthology 451

So, I did a comic a while back with some really good friends and it's finally published! We got the boxes right before the APE show up in San Francisco, where we had a great time selling the goods and meeting lots of creative, ambitious artsy folk. My buddy, the amazingly talented Albertan, John Hoffman, put it all together and kept us organized like a herd of meth addled cats. We have a release party scheduled for Dec 4th up at Nucleus Gallery,
Below are some sketches from APE. I love drawing the comic crowd.

Been a while... sorry...

Errff... I'm a lazy, crappy blogger. Here's some doodles and stuff. Sketchbook stuff out drawing at LACMA, Tar Pits and Natural History Museum with the kids. They're getting good at drawing live in public. They're on that cusp where they're not kids anymore but they're not teenagers either. They're like, really nice people. I'm sure it won't last (I grew out of it and became an arsebucket), but for now... weeeeeee!
Cheers all!