Saturday, July 09, 2011

Edward The Tree Climbing Dog

Hi all...
Well, I've finally got my book printed! The boxes are sitting in a closet beside the vacuum and my emergency crowbar (I keep this in case of zombie outbreak). Now I guess I've got to try and get rid of them! Since the story is meant to be read out loud to children, I thought putting it up on youtube may be the best way to show what it's about! I'd love to hear what you think, my dear kindly internet friends(I'd rather have a conversation about this over missing a baseball at dodger stadium any day... oh... and no kids were dropped during the production of this book). Speaking of kids, the idea for the story came a few years back when I would go for nightly walks with my oldest girl, Ani, and we'd have these fantastic, creative riff sessions. I love my wife and my other kid too, but when they joined us, the riffing wasn't the same. We'd try and include them but it just wouldn't click and it was Ani that made this observation... sometimes the best things about a friendship can't be explained or shared. That conversation reminded me of "One Froggy Evening" and after Ani and I talked about it for a while, we came up with this take for the story. Ironically... it has taken me so long to finish the art for this book, between movies and life... my kid is no longer into picture books! It's all Twilight and Nicholas Flamel now. I figure our creative lag will catch up sooner or later. My kids are still definitely my muse! It's good that their sensibilities evolve. Makes life interesting.

I digress....

If you're at all inclined to support me in this endeavor to dapple in the world of independent publishing, the book will be available in a couple weeks in San Diego at the Trickster show (here's the link: I will also be at APE in October (more on that later as we get closer). And of course, if you'd like to get a copy on the internets, you can scoot on over here:

I'm just setting up the retail site now, so it's not as pretty as I'd like it to be, but it works!
Anyhow... Hope you're all well out there!
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Raine Countryman said...

You have a nice voice. I'll definitely buy this book. : )

Myke Bakich said...

Awesome book!!!

Mark Stanleigh said...

Awesome stuff Kris! I definitely will grab a copy! I love the staging and expressions on the kid when he's whispering to the audience "nobody knows this but me"

KP said...

Cheers all! Thanks for checking it out!

Matt J said...

I'll buy it! Can I come stay with you so you can read this to me in person-you're like the Canadian Dr. Seuss!

Crystal(RB) said...

Sweet, sweet story.
Simply beautiful.
The artwork is gorgeous.
I wish something like this had been around when I was little.
Either way, as an adult - I STILL want a copy.
It looks heavenly, the artwork is so LIVELY and the story is very moving.

Thanks for putting it up on youtube. I'm going to share the link.

imwavygravy said...

Hey Kris, just simply awesome. I have just bought my copy and I can't wait to receive it.

I am in the middle of creating my own children's picture book and have been inspired by yours.

Your artwork is incredible.