Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lonely lunch sketches

Dukes. Culver City in the heart of west LA is a transitional town in a city that is the size of a continent. The only reason to come to Culver City is to work for Columbia pictures (now Sony... but it doesn't sound as good as Columbia) or to pass through on the way to a beach. But the Culver hotel sits in a prime spot carving traffic on Washington towards Flynn's arcade and a choice between the quiet beaches of Playa and the madness of Venice. At the bottom of the Culver Hotel is a bar rumored to have been won or lost in a hand of cards involving the iconic John Wayne... hence the name Dukes. Also famous for the munchkins said to be haunting the joint left behind from the predatory film making practices of the early cinema era when Wizard of Oz was shot in this flat unassuming stretch of land known as Culver City. Go back far enough you will find Saber Tooth cats and Dire Wolves, mingling with Harlen's Ground Sloth and American Lions... fast forward to a replica of a Southern Plantation that was the set for Gone With the Wind and the productions of Lucille Ball (I believe it was named the Desilu studios)... Little Rascals and Lawrence of Arabia were made here too. Not sure what happened in between those two eras... something about Indians and probably lots of passive aggressive swindling and subtle extinctions.

Well... Let's look at my eight years... A movie about a Bear and a Deer... a movie about some Surfing Penguins (8 people saw that one)... a disaster movie about food from the sky (the only cartoon that I can say I've truly worked on... why don't people make cartoons? I love Cartoons. People love Pixar but I want Cartoons. I don't know why I don't draw more cartoony... I'll take Spongebob over what I do any day... I've got to be careful... there's munchkin ghosts walking these halls... but I will fall on my sword for the guys who made Cloudy because they let me work on a Cartoon... gots to feed my kids... but Cartoons make me happy... can't eat happy). There's other stuff I've worked on too... but I can't talk about that now (loose lips sink ships and so on).

I wonder what it's like to be a Ground Sloth? I wonder if I'd be smart enough to avoid the tar pits if I were alive back then? Probably not. Would they I like beer still if I was worried about getting eaten by a Saber tooth cat? If I liked beer would I worry about the Saber Tooth Cat? Seems like a good system for all involved.

Back to Dukes. I sat there and drew these people while procrastinating writing. The waitress had a picture of Sapporo and she kept filling my glass. This was the best thing to happen to me in a while. June was a mess but July is looking up. Work has been busy so my blogging has been slowed... I'll get back to the sketch book after we hit our screening.

Don't tell anybody, but we're trying to make a Cartoon. I hope it goes!


galvinator said...

Ha ha! I read that like it was the opening of LA Confidential and Danny DeVito was narrating. Great stuff! Nice sketches too!

Matt J said...

I hope you keep sketching the munchkins at Dukes and they keep letting you make cartoons- wait a minute . . .what if you combined those interests?