Tuesday, July 05, 2011

sketching around 4th of July weekend.

Happy July 5th everybody!
Was out and about with the kids this weekend at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. Did some drawings... it was so hot I was trying to keep my sweat from bubbling the ink.
Saw America on the Beach bike path this 4th of July... I've gotta say... America is pretty hot. So many boobs in red, white and blue bikinis... hard to focus on making sure the kids stayed on their bikes. Speaking of kids, I'm raising American kids who think that living in California is normal! I suppose in 6, 8,10 years it'll be my girls down there playing volleyball in strings of red, white and blue fabric. And I'll still be an old, hairy, walleyed Canadian toddling by on my bicycle and feeling like I just rolled onto a set for an Aaron Spelling show. Something about a hard freeze in your childhood changes how you look at life... Maybe that's why you can always tell when somebody grew up in California as opposed to... say... Michigan. It's not the accents in this country, it's the weathered soul that tells the story.

I do love the fireworks!
Cheers all,


Bobby Chiu said...

I love your blog posts. Always so entertaining to read what you're up to and the different thoughts you have with the everyday events that happen to you. Happy belated 4th of July & Canada day :)

Matt J said...

It's the heat, stay outta the heat!! Those bouncing bikiniswill drive you nutty! Great to see you dropping so many fine sketches lately-

KP said...

Thanks Bobby! Always great to hear from you! I have some stuff for you... I'm going to make it to San Diego so if you're not buried under a pile of Chiu fans, I'd love to catch up!
And Matt... I've been in a groove. I'm making the kids bring sketch books everywhere we go, so it's gotten me drawing again. And with the movie, I find myself craving drawing because I waste my time away in meetings all day. It's a good spit valve.
Hope you're well.

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