Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Went to a conference this weekend and doodled while the lecturers talked. I've never had much of an attention span when it came to focusing in class.
Aimee and kids fly to Canada tomorrow. I love them, but its such a strange relief when I get the house to myself. Like popping a can of peanuts. I'll get lonely in a couple of days, but the change of pace keeps life interesting. Gots to finish my comic while they're gone!
Cheers all,

Friday, July 22, 2011

On My Way to the Comic Con

I'm about to head out on the highway to the San Diego Comic Con and I thought I'd pinch off one last post in case I never return. Was hiking out in Palos Verde last Sunday with my ladies... drew this in my sketchbook and slapped some color on it in Photoshop yesterday. It was a great day out... we found a dead Sea Lion... I would have loved to have drawn it, but the smell was incredible! Kids wouldn't sit for it, so I had to settle with these pictures on my iphone.

If you happen to be in San Diego this weekend and you'd like a copy of my book, they're at Tr!ckster.... or you can just find me, a nerd in a sea of nerds... I'll be the one in the Pizza the Hut suit.

Cheers all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Been watching a lot of Treme.... I love New Orleans... was filled with a hankering for a shrimp po'boy, etouffee or Jambalaya... how did I scratch THAT itch in LA? (drum roll please...) Bubba Gump!


Still itchin'. Anybody got any good Cajun recommendations on the west side?
Kids like the Bubba Gump though (they do the Spongebob trivia)... It's like CPK and Islands... one step above the Mc Pigs. Good for families though... gotta give em credit for that.

I managed to doodle Coq sitting out in the sun. It was a great morning down in Long Beach.
Hope you're all well.

Friday, July 15, 2011


LA is all a flutter with tidings of chaos! Well... I gotta get a comic done so it's a good thing that there's no place to go in the city of Angels with the 405 shut down. Back to a simpler way of life when people went to their neighborhood strip clubs and stayed home to fight with their families on weekends.

Cleaning up my roughs in pencil... I love the feel of pencil but I'm pretty slow at it. 2 and half pages down, 4 to go!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lonely lunch sketches

Dukes. Culver City in the heart of west LA is a transitional town in a city that is the size of a continent. The only reason to come to Culver City is to work for Columbia pictures (now Sony... but it doesn't sound as good as Columbia) or to pass through on the way to a beach. But the Culver hotel sits in a prime spot carving traffic on Washington towards Flynn's arcade and a choice between the quiet beaches of Playa and the madness of Venice. At the bottom of the Culver Hotel is a bar rumored to have been won or lost in a hand of cards involving the iconic John Wayne... hence the name Dukes. Also famous for the munchkins said to be haunting the joint left behind from the predatory film making practices of the early cinema era when Wizard of Oz was shot in this flat unassuming stretch of land known as Culver City. Go back far enough you will find Saber Tooth cats and Dire Wolves, mingling with Harlen's Ground Sloth and American Lions... fast forward to a replica of a Southern Plantation that was the set for Gone With the Wind and the productions of Lucille Ball (I believe it was named the Desilu studios)... Little Rascals and Lawrence of Arabia were made here too. Not sure what happened in between those two eras... something about Indians and probably lots of passive aggressive swindling and subtle extinctions.

Well... Let's look at my eight years... A movie about a Bear and a Deer... a movie about some Surfing Penguins (8 people saw that one)... a disaster movie about food from the sky (the only cartoon that I can say I've truly worked on... why don't people make cartoons? I love Cartoons. People love Pixar but I want Cartoons. I don't know why I don't draw more cartoony... I'll take Spongebob over what I do any day... I've got to be careful... there's munchkin ghosts walking these halls... but I will fall on my sword for the guys who made Cloudy because they let me work on a Cartoon... gots to feed my kids... but Cartoons make me happy... can't eat happy). There's other stuff I've worked on too... but I can't talk about that now (loose lips sink ships and so on).

I wonder what it's like to be a Ground Sloth? I wonder if I'd be smart enough to avoid the tar pits if I were alive back then? Probably not. Would they I like beer still if I was worried about getting eaten by a Saber tooth cat? If I liked beer would I worry about the Saber Tooth Cat? Seems like a good system for all involved.

Back to Dukes. I sat there and drew these people while procrastinating writing. The waitress had a picture of Sapporo and she kept filling my glass. This was the best thing to happen to me in a while. June was a mess but July is looking up. Work has been busy so my blogging has been slowed... I'll get back to the sketch book after we hit our screening.

Don't tell anybody, but we're trying to make a Cartoon. I hope it goes!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Edward The Tree Climbing Dog

Hi all...
Well, I've finally got my book printed! The boxes are sitting in a closet beside the vacuum and my emergency crowbar (I keep this in case of zombie outbreak). Now I guess I've got to try and get rid of them! Since the story is meant to be read out loud to children, I thought putting it up on youtube may be the best way to show what it's about! I'd love to hear what you think, my dear kindly internet friends(I'd rather have a conversation about this over missing a baseball at dodger stadium any day... oh... and no kids were dropped during the production of this book). Speaking of kids, the idea for the story came a few years back when I would go for nightly walks with my oldest girl, Ani, and we'd have these fantastic, creative riff sessions. I love my wife and my other kid too, but when they joined us, the riffing wasn't the same. We'd try and include them but it just wouldn't click and it was Ani that made this observation... sometimes the best things about a friendship can't be explained or shared. That conversation reminded me of "One Froggy Evening" and after Ani and I talked about it for a while, we came up with this take for the story. Ironically... it has taken me so long to finish the art for this book, between movies and life... my kid is no longer into picture books! It's all Twilight and Nicholas Flamel now. I figure our creative lag will catch up sooner or later. My kids are still definitely my muse! It's good that their sensibilities evolve. Makes life interesting.

I digress....

If you're at all inclined to support me in this endeavor to dapple in the world of independent publishing, the book will be available in a couple weeks in San Diego at the Trickster show (here's the link: http://trickstertrickster.com/). I will also be at APE in October (more on that later as we get closer). And of course, if you'd like to get a copy on the internets, you can scoot on over here:


I'm just setting up the retail site now, so it's not as pretty as I'd like it to be, but it works!
Anyhow... Hope you're all well out there!
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dentist office sketches

Drew this yesterday sitting in the dentist office.... Big kid waiting for her turn to get her teeth scraped and scrubbed (hence the surely expression). Wanted to draw the little kid too when she traded chairs with the big kid, but she demanded the sketchbook. So I told her if she was going to take my moleskin, she had to draw what happened in the dentist's office. This is how she saw it, and it's a bit disturbing (I'm not sure who the x'd out people are in the back, but I don't think they're long for this world because it looks like they're going to be fed to those alien flowers). That's what happens in America if you don't make your co pay.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

San Juan Capistrano

Went down to the mission at San Juan Capistrano on Sunday. I couldn't go in with the big dog, so I found a bus bench and drew this while the sun fought it's way through the marine layer to bring some joy and glory to a beach ridden long weekend. Coquette is good company for such outings... I always feel secure with 90 pounds of German Shepherd quietly waiting to uncoil at my feet. Not that there's any crime or anything down in the OC, it's the wide berth that people give a man sitting with an intimidating dog that I like. And those that approach with respect and affection for the mighty German Shepherd are the types of people I really like to meet. You can tell the story of love lost in many of those who want to pet her... remembering a childhood pet or an animal forfeited in a divorce. And little kids, once they break the seal and get in close, love to climb all over her and tug at her ears. She's very patient with kids. I can't trust her with other dogs though... learned that the hard way. But I suppose if dogs are like their owners and vice versa, I'm that way too (I trust myself with dogs... It's the people I have trouble with).
Anyhow... After the drawing, I met up with my clan, ate some really bad Mexican Food and hung out on the beach for the rest of the day.
Not bad work if you can get it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

sketching around 4th of July weekend.

Happy July 5th everybody!
Was out and about with the kids this weekend at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. Did some drawings... it was so hot I was trying to keep my sweat from bubbling the ink.
Saw America on the Beach bike path this 4th of July... I've gotta say... America is pretty hot. So many boobs in red, white and blue bikinis... hard to focus on making sure the kids stayed on their bikes. Speaking of kids, I'm raising American kids who think that living in California is normal! I suppose in 6, 8,10 years it'll be my girls down there playing volleyball in strings of red, white and blue fabric. And I'll still be an old, hairy, walleyed Canadian toddling by on my bicycle and feeling like I just rolled onto a set for an Aaron Spelling show. Something about a hard freeze in your childhood changes how you look at life... Maybe that's why you can always tell when somebody grew up in California as opposed to... say... Michigan. It's not the accents in this country, it's the weathered soul that tells the story.

I do love the fireworks!
Cheers all,

Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Breakfast

Quiet morning at work so I went for some eggs and I drew this. A lovely day in Culver City at the Grand Casino bakery.

Happy Canada day all!
Hip hip hooray for passive aggressive independence! Thank the Queen.