Friday, December 07, 2012

colour story sketches

I f@#king miss hockey. But I don't plan to go to a game this year... I don't care if they get the season up or not. And if they don't get this season up, next year I'm just gonna watch it on TV. And my kids who love to go to games with me... I'll keep them out for the next two years, and by the time I start going to hockey games again, they'll be off in cars with shitty teenagers and not wanting to spend any time with their walleyed chubby white dad... so the cycle of spending money on the NHL may be broken in my family. I'm not bitter... I'm just sad these rich guys can't come to an agreement so they can waste my time and hard earned money with distraction and phony tribal faith that really means nothing in the grand scheme of my personal existence. And what is that existence without 12 dollar beers? It's actually pretty fulfilling... but don't tell the shitty NHL. How much walking dead and reruns of Sopranos can one man watch before a he has to actually spend time with his family? Quite a few... but my kids are getting more attention then they deserve. I could jack off into a big silver cup for a month and still never waste the same volume of time I've given to that stupid sport (and the product of my dead babies in Lord's Stanley's mug would have more potential than the dollars I've given to the Staples Center parking lot). Thanks for the perspective NHL! Well... in the meanwhile, I kicked in some help last year on a Canadian TV show about the grand ol' sport. Real artists made the show look awesome, but I shot out some sketches early on to spur my Karma to help the Kings win the cup last year (I don't believe in God god, but I do believe in the Hockey Gods... Or I used to. Two strikes in the last few years? I'm switching back over to the Metal gods. AC/DC on itunes may save my soul). Here's some doodles folks! I had fun making them in my sketch scribbly book. Don't judge the show by this stuff... like I said, real artists made it look good. It's a really awesome looking show!


Justin K. Thompson said...

Hahahahahaa! I love you Kris!

Anonymous said...

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