Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Exquisite Corpse Comic

Been a while... sorry. Here's a comic I did for a book I was part of with a bunch of other Sony artists. I inherited the first image and had to leave the next artist with a final panel but none of us knew any more than that of each other's work. In the end, it becomes this rambling, fun, mess of a story that has a strange thread of obscure continuity running through it. It's pretty cool all in all! So my story is essentially just an examination of the creative process. In a nutshell, ideas are fished out of the ether, they are often loved, but ultimately they must be baked, and if they survive the cooking, they end up on TV or the Internet or out there in the big world where you can't control how other's perceive or receive them. They develop into their own existences. That's it. And I like to draw white guy underwear. I think it's funny. Cheers, KP.