Friday, June 06, 2014

Is there anybody out there?

Been a while again. Sorry. Well... I guess you could call it a hangover from making a movie. Could just be blatant laziness. Could be that I lost my mind... sold our house in LA... bought a farm in Canada... And am now living on 4 acres of land with a handful of sheep and one goat. Maybe I'm running away from a false life that I couldn't believe in any longer... Maybe it was just time to go home. Maybe it's one foot in front of the other. Maybe I'm a hack. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe everything's ok and it's always been ok. Anyhow... I did this drawing for a good friend's comic. Good on ya Chris Williams! I've met very few people in our line of work with your tenacity. I'm glad to be your friend. I hope you're all well out there in the world. KP

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Dustin C said...

Hey Kris, sounds interesting to switch things up like that. Are you enjoying the new life?